Ethics and Government

In response to Rachel Maddow

I think of the education received by these so called congressmen/women and it shows both the lack of understanding of the serious decision, “The end does not always justify the means” in this case. It also show a lack of critical thinking from a historical perspective and the necessity of social services; as someone said Democracy cannot survive without Socialism. I may add Socialism cannot function without a democratic approach.

The two balance each other but the present congress does not comprehend the meaning of either ideology, they simply act like new autocratic, walk in step with the party, do not think or take a stand, just follow the herd.

There are few republicans who still remember ethical behavior and that rational thinking has to be coupled with intuition and be accepted by the heart. Even a general in its strategies to achieve victory takes pain to respect his adversary.

It’s not just unethical to shut down the government, it is an utterly stupid solution to a serious problem and I can forgive people a lot but not stupidity when it comes to congressmen.

Maybe we should begin to question the system of election if indeed we are giving too much responsibility to those who obviously show serious deficiencies

in responding to crisis that affects so many of our citizen, young,old and in need of care.

The greatness of a nation is measured by how as a people we treat those most vulnerable among us and in this case congress has clearly failed the test.

May compassion open their hearts and mind making their spirit come alive again.



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