Better to be in love for love sake then your heart will never break

The illusion of time is a little like love, you think you never have enough of it until the day you say, enough already!

The only time you really have is a fleeting moment and the only love you can keep forever is for yourself and what you project in the world comes from your heart.

A child loves without expectations, she is being herself, piety we forget that when we get older. Expectation always remain unfulfilled and lead to resentment.Better not to go there at all.

Take you work seriously, do not take yourself too seriously, it may lead to a fall.

Why people celebrate a new year? Aside from the Christmas rituals it would not mean much at all…we are just a little older.

Celebrate life everyday with gratitude and compassion for all in the universe.


There is no remedy for love but to love more. ”

— Henry David Thoreau
fawn and dog

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