Psychological Aikido: These 20 Sayings of Russian Professor Will Change Your Life – or improve

Mihail Litvak is one of the most world’s psychologist today. These 20 advice, although short, if you really understand and apply them on your life, for you will not have any obstacles. Dr. Litvak has developed a system that he called “psychological aikido” that he first used on himself. 20 These sayings, if you study them and apply in your life, they will become a powerful psychological weapon in your hands. Psychological Aikido

1. When a man cannot say anything good about himself, and want to say something, he will start speaking ill of others.

2. Grab science instead of the throat of a loved one if you want to grab something.

3. Depression was given to man in order for him to be able to think about himself.

4. Nobody rejects someone. He only goes forward. The one who was left behind considers himself rejected.

5. If you believe that you are a good person, why do you need someone to think that about you?

6. Do what you want and don’t ask for permission. You will not get it.

7. The signs of spiritual maturity are the ability to love and the ability to handle loneliness. We are doing the best things when we are alone.

8. An immature person often knows, but cannot do it. A mature person not only knows, but does it. Therefore, an immature person criticizes and a mature one does.

9. I don’t know the road to success. But I know the road to unsuccessfulness – it is the desire to be liked by everyone.

10. There is no masculine or feminine logic. There is only ability or inability to think rightly.

11. You only want to know who is your biggest enemy? Look in the mirror. Defeat him and the others will flee.

12. Achieve success – the insults will pass.

13. It is nice to talk with friends. It is useful to talk to enemies.

14. There is only one reason to quit your job or end a relationship – the inability to achieve personal growth in the given circumstances.

15. You should share only joy with friends and enemies. Your friends will be happy and your enemies will be upset.

16. Don’t chase happiness and you will find a happy place. I can tell you the place where happiness is – in you. The road to happiness is the maximal development of all your abilities.

17. Happiness is a product of nicely organized living.

18. If you want to prove something to someone, you exist only for that person. If you exist for yourself, then you don’t need to prove anything to anyone.

19. Imagination – the voice of all our abilities. Therefore, I don’t dream of singing opera. I don’t have the voice for that. And if I dream of that, I would be triggering my abilities. Then, I would be doing anything to become part of opera singing. You should only think of making that dream reality. Don’t rush – that’s when dreams come true really fast. It is good when a man says – I am only trying to make my dreams come true.

20. It is better to communicate with a good book than with an empty man.

Source: Psychological Aikido: These 20 Sayings of Russian Professor Will Change Your Life –

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