Love someone

The gift of love does not expect to be returned or even acknowledged , it’s a gift not an exchange .

We are born to give it to others and when it’s not given we suffer from loneliness and become melancholy .

When love is freely given the heart rejoice and joy touches everyone we meet.

Most people expect to be loved yet have not learned how to love. True love acts for the sake of love itself  even if the feeling is absent.

Theillard De Chardin  said when  the power love is discerned  would be as life changing as the discovery of fire was for the first time for mankind.

Oh you think you know how already ? Well look around in world and notice the poverty, wars, crimes, hunger !

When all people discover the true power of love all wars will end and for the first time on Earth peace will abide in all the hearts of men.

This life is a tiny light in the universe a moment in time yet can become a powerful force for good if our heart is open to love for mankind  and beyond the stars  all dimensions are open to receive . Love power is to access other dimension of being where we discover more and we will know the meaning for our existence …

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