Love someone

The gift of love does not expect to be returned or even acknowledged , it’s a gift not an exchange .

We are born to give it to others and when it’s not given we suffer from loneliness and become melancholy .

When love is freely given the heart rejoice and joy touches everyone we meet.

Most people expect to be loved yet have not learned how to love. True love acts for the sake of love itself  even if the feeling is absent.

Theillard De Chardin  said when  the power love is discerned  would be as life changing as the discovery of fire was for the first time for mankind.

Oh you think you know how already ? Well look around in world and notice the poverty, wars, crimes, hunger !

When all people discover the true power of love all wars will end and for the first time on Earth peace will abide in all the hearts of men.

This life is a tiny light in the universe a moment in time yet can become a powerful force for good if our heart is open to love for mankind  and beyond the stars  all dimensions are open to receive . Love power is to access other dimension of being where we discover more and we will know the meaning for our existence …

To Love and be Loved

Love is the force that powers the Universe holding together the strings that resonate in your heart when You are open to love ‘s gift. LOVE is a gift to humanity to withstand the suffering caused by illusions we create and bring in the world when the gift is withheld from ourselves and others.

To reclaim your birth right as a loving being you must see the world clearly for what it is, the projection of those still in the dark and in need of loving. Reason we came in this world is to bring light and love is the only gift we have to give, nothing matters more than the gift. Know this, your ability to become loving toward yourself will enable others to see, recognize it and accept it as a choice for themselves.

We are not alone in this enlightenment process; others are around us to help if we just ask and let them know we desire to be a loving being.

Why are human being confused about love? They become acculturated at a certain age that love is something we receive, we must deserve, or even pay for it in some way. This is not true and new born and young children know this until the world convince them otherwise.

The source of power in human beings is the ability to love willfully, it is a decision you make not a feeling or sensation that motivates you to love; you choose to do so when you acknowledge that empowers you to live with joy and contentment allowing to be a creator of your destiny. It begins but shedding the dualistic notion of your being…you are one with all of Nature and all that ever existed is within you as we are all connected in the web of love.

The foundation in human terms to reach the state of loving is Compassion which allows Forgiveness of yourself and others in this world of space time continuum and it is necessary to advance in understanding and wisdom.

When we reach the edge of the waters and our feet get wet, we are energized and inspired to continue, then guides will intuitively teach you more. We are to share with one another and as one being grows and reaches the shore there is joy felt by everyone….because the water molecule can transmit at the physic level the wave energy of joy…in fact love can change the structure of water itself.

The two worlds seen and unseen are closely related, it is the way of seeing and the way of being that will show the difference. To understand we need faith, trust and studying with open minds.

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Soul and Wind

Would I dream of you once more ask the soul to the wind?

I have seen the beauty of a star filled night…and heard  music that moved my soul… joy filled the infinite space… I become the morning star, covered in silver light, transformed and bejeweled in the firmament.

My home is infinite… sounds have colors and music is of the soul as light is of the sun.

I am the expression of love, refracted and reflected in infinite space, natural abode of stars…the wave particle, the fabric of the universe pervades the mind just as wind abides in the air never to be seen by the eye. Nature and I are one, a soul abiding in all living things and every particle seen and unseen the wind has carried through me and left a trace of star dust in Butterfly my soul.

@ Madeleine

The Word

It is dark…the dawn rising from slumber in the winter sky…why do I write this words? Does anyone care to find them?

Words come relentlessly to mind, not always meaning what I want to say or convey my true feelings.

Is it not clarity the elusive thread I wish to spun? Or truth the related cousin of deception?dsc02392.jpg
I play with words and mock myself, yet I love them, even the imperfect meaning they convey. Is there another way to share one’s soul, lucid and free of doubtful adjectives? What is a mind wrestling with its content?

Or a soul where words miserably fail its true expression.
The simple, enjoy the daily ramblings without regrets, and others give free rein to their
venting. I doubt that words are meant to flow like waters seeking a place to pool, rather as a river held by its edge, even falling from the mountain peaks they seek the course of least resistance to claim a path to the open seas.

The merging of the rivers, the rivulets, the overflowing rain all claim their path to the deep ocean of our soul.

Is there a time where words will be erased from the conscious knowing and as
the wind unseen caresses the earth, the soul in silent awe, will embrace truth, clarity and a meaning we will not doubt.

Arise my kin to the inward calling of a blessed day of liberty where free of matter
and blood our soul will rise, ascend to a wondrous world of eyes that see
beyond its own reflection to depths and heights ever imagined, a mystery
revealed of eternal beauty resting in the soul and forever mute.

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