Climate change – our responsibility

The American people have so many disease problems that the costs of medical care have gone beyond the financial means of most citizens. It is not coincidence that livestock are also suffering from a variety of diseases. Clearly, the food supply as it is grown is unable to supply the nutrients needed to maintain a state of good health in man or animal. Yet we still observe how many university professors of agriculture and of nutrition miss no opportunity to defend the food supply, including the devitalizing methods of processing. Such “experts” seem to be too busy propagandizing for the food industry to have time for science, so I will review some recent findings. In the last year numerous studies have been reported by behavioral researchers relating the quantity and kinds of brain compounds to behavioral variations from normal. Whether or not those compounds are present in normal amounts depends on the proper function of numerous enzyme systems which are involved in the fabrication of all the body production, maintenance, and control systems. Whether or not there is an adequate supply of enzymes present depends on the food supply. In particular, it depends on an adequate soil mineral supply in the food, because it has been observed by microphysicists that the soil elements are required in the enzyme molecules. All of this has been established by direct laboratory methods. P . 4 T H E S U R V I V A L O F C I V I L I Z A T I O N So close is the relationship between human behavioral performance and the compounds in the brain that one science writer stated flatly, “You are what you eat.” The laboratory proof is done. Thus the many behavioral problems of epidemic proportions in this country are primarily caused by malnutrition. Thirty percent functional illiteracy, crime, alcoholism, dope addiction, cultism, the killing of babies in the womb—all of these marks of a degenerate society are inflicted on us because we have permitted the food supply to become 100 percent junk food. In the summer of 1977 a corn crop was grown on soil which was mineralized with glacial gravel crusher screenings. The corn was tested along with corn from the same seed grown with conventional chemical fertilizers. The mineralized corn had 57 percent more phosphorous, 90 percent more potassium, 47 percent more calcium, and 60 percent more magnesium than the chemical-grown corn. The mineral-grown corn had close to 9 percent protein, which is very good for a hybrid corn. All of the nitrogen in the mineral-grown corn (whose content in the food is the indicator for protein) came from the atmosphere by way of biological processes and was in the amino acids of the corn protoplasm. None of it was raw chemical nitrate, the precursor of the carcinogenic nitrosamines. No pesticides were used and there was no insect damage. All of the elements are in glacial gravel. The large increase of the principal elements must be accompanied by a similar increase in the trace elements. This follows from the fact that the trace elements are required in order for the soil microorganisms to produce the enzymes needed to make all of their other protoplasm compounds. In order to show such a major increase in the principal elements and a corresponding increase in protein, the soil microorganisms must be able to reproduce abundantly, so as to furnish the large quantities of protoplasm required by the plant roots. Microorganisms can reproduce abundantly only when all minerals are present, along with plant residue to supply their carbon needs for energy and protoplasm compound building, plus nitrogen, oxygen and sea solids from the air, and of course water. Everything is connected to everything else. We can have good social behavior in this country only if we have good health. We can have good health only if the soil microorganisms have good health. They supply the protoplasm compounds for every living organism above the ground. The basis of their health is the availability of the elements of the inanimate rock crust of the Earth which is the basic food supply of microorganisms and hence of all of us. P . 5 O U R 1 0 0 % J U N K F O O D S U P P L Y I S D E S T R O Y I N G U S Virtually all of the subsoil and most of the topsoil of the world have been stripped of all but a small quantity of elements. So it is not surprising that the chemical-grown corn had substantially less mineral content than the 1963 corn described in the USDA Handbook of the Nutritional Contents of Food. The mineralized corn was substantially higher in mineral content than the 1963 corn. Hence, as the elements have been used up in the soil, a poor food supply in 1963 has turned into a 100 percent junk food supply in 1978. There has been a corresponding increase in disease and medical costs. Essentially, disease means that enzyme systems are malfunctioning for lack of the elements required to make the enzymes. Hunza is a small country in a high Himalayan mountain valley. The health and strength and longevity of the Hunzacuts is legendary. The key factor is that they irrigate the valley’s soils with a milky-colored stream from the meltwater of the Ultar glacier. The color comes from the mixed rock ground beneath the glacier. The people are virtually never sick. They do not develop cancer. Many are active workers at 90; some live to be 120. These facts are well documented, yet the world’s “health professionals” ignore them.

By John Hamaker

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