A time to live…


Tomorrow it begins…

I think I will talk about the heart, the fullness of life, the relationships we build, the ethics we live by, the suffering we share at times and most of all the joys. Gibran, in the Prophet says pain carves the cup that one day will contain our joy. So, like violin strings we are tuned to quiver to joy and pain, one cannot be without the other, they are two side of love ability to sing. That which gives joy contains the seed of loneliness.

The gift, the ability to experience life in all its subtlety and passion as a dance, moving across a planet carrying us at great speed in wondering space….how lucky can you be? There is nothing human hand can build, paint or imagine that gives the feeling of awe Nature can give. Humans, busy in their physical nest of lifeless things can enter Nature, experience the sacred healing energy of the living Earth and live.

Go then, be like a child, with wonder and awe teaching everyone how to love our wondrous planet.


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